How Much Does CNC Router Cost? | 2024 CNC Router Buyers’ Guide

The market today offers hundreds, if not thousands, of CNC machines, with prices fluctuating based on numerous factors. A detailed examination of the costs associated with CNC router machines will assist both machinists and hobbyists in purchasing economical CNC machines suitable for diverse tasks.

The priciest CNC machines are the 6- and 5-axis robotic models, which are utilized in producing advanced military equipment and can cost millions of dollars. Conversely, there are highly affordable CNC machines available for entry-level hobbyists, with prices starting as low as $4900.

Despite the high cost of CNC router machines, they offer high production efficiency and reduce processing costs, making them a popular choice for many companies. How does one choose the right CNC router machine? Additionally, what factors influence the price of CNC routers?