100mm / 125mm Bracket aluminum mounting bracket

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  • 1 pcs –100mm / 125mm Bracket aluminum mounting bracket

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 Product Package:

  • 1 PCS & 100mm / 125mm Bracket aluminum mounting bracket

Product Description

Clamping Bracket1

Basic parameters:

  • Diameter: 100mm / 125mm Bracket
  • Material: Cast Aluminum


Aluminum profile fixture, high precision, not easy to deform.
The overall fixture is painted, and the surface is grainy, relatively fine and even.


Clamping Bracket4

The fixture is made of high-quality aluminum cast by a special manufacturing process. Compared with ordinary aluminum, this product has toughness, strong impact resistance, high hardness and strong antioxidant activity.

Clamping Bracket5

The fixture is mainly used to fix the auxiliary products, thereby ensuring the perpendicularity of the auxiliary products and the balance parts, improving the running accuracy of the auxiliary products, reducing the noise, and reducing the cumulative errors.

Clamping Bracket6 Clamping Bracket7



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