2 .2kw Spindle motor 7 series angular contact bearings


  • 2 .2kw Spindle motor 7 series angular contact bearings Model: 7000 . 7002 . 7003 . 7004 . 7005 . 7007 . 7203 
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7 series angular contact bearings

Model: 7000 . 7002 . 7003 . 7004 . 7005 . 7007 . 7203  

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2 .2kw Spindle motor2


The use of high-quality bearing steel, special heat treatment process, advanced manufacturing equipment and technology has greatly increased the service life of bearings and saved costs for equipment with high requirements and difficult to disassemble and assemble. Advanced ferrule forging, heat treatment deformation control technology with advanced level.

Product Analysis

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Angular Contact Bearing:

Angular contact ball bearings are especially suitable for bearing composite loads, i.e. both radial and axial loads. The bearing capacity of axial loads increases with the increase of contact angle A. The contact angle is defined as the angle between the common normal of the contact point between the rolling body and the raceway or the contact center line and the radial plane of the bearing. The load is transferred from one raceway to another raceway along the connection line. For single row bearings, the contact angle can be identified by suffixes of different codes.

Single Row Angular Contact Bearing2 .2kw Spindle motor4

Structure Characteristics:

Single row angular contact ball bearings can only bear unidirectional axial loads. Under the action of radial load, there will be an axial force in the bearing, which needs to be adjusted by a reaction force.

Therefore, this kind of bearing generally needs to rely on the second bearing to balance.

Single row angular contact ball bearings can be loaded with more steel balls, so that the bearing has a higher load-carrying capacity. The contact angles are 15 degrees, 25 degrees, 40 degrees, and the suffixes are C, AC, B, respectively.

Composition and preload:

According to the structural characteristics of single row angular contact ball bearings, these bearings are usually used together by two or more bearings of the same type.

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Steel ball bearing, Ceramic ball bearing


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