4.0kw Inverter 220v/380v VFD


    • 220V/380V 3.7KW FULING Inverter Frequency Drive VFD/Inverter 0-1000Hz


     Product Package:

    • 1 x220v 4.0kw Variable Frequency Drive VFD Vector Inverter

    Product Description


    4.0kw Inverter 220v/380v VFD

    4.0kw Inverter 220v/380v VFD


    Basic parameters:

    • Input Voltage: 220V(+/-15%)
    • Output Voltage: 220VAC
    • Input Frequency: 50-60 Hz
    • Output Frequency: 0-1000 Hz
    • Input Phase: 1 phase
    • Output Phase: 3 phase
    • Warranty: 1 year from the date you purchased

    Dimensional drawing of the Inverter:

    4.0kw Inverter 220v/380v VFD


    • The outer plastic shell of the inverter is made of ABS flame retardant raw material, which is flame retardant and not easy to break.
    • The inverter cooling fan is a domestic first-line brand Huaxia Hengtai, the air volume is more than 20% higher than that of ordinary fans, and the service life is more than 5 years.
    • There is an independent cooling air duct inside the inverter, which can form an independent space and effectively prevent dust, water mist, etc. from entering the circuit board.
    • With MODBUS485 communication function, built-in braking unit.
    • Built-in PID setting, speed tracking, multi-function relay output, multiple fault protection, multiple state feedback torque control, analog setting.
    • The capacitor brand used in the inverter is Taiwan loose control, the temperature resistance is 105 degrees, and the temperature resistance of ordinary capacitors is 80 degrees.
    • The maximum output frequency of the inverter can reach 1000HZ,
    • Currently has CE certificate, CSA certification program has passed, in certification.
    • Heavy load and high torque, 1HZ can reach full torque.
    • Up to 16-stage speed control can be achieved.

    Scope of application:

    winding machine,mixer,extruder, slitter, winder, compressor, ventilator, pump, grinder, conveyor, elevator, centrifuger and other speed control machines.

    4.0kw Inverter 220v/380v VFD 4.0kw Inverter 220v/380v VFD 4.0kw Inverter 220v/380v VFD 4.0kw Inverter 220v/380v VFD 4.0kw Inverter 220v/380v VFD 4.0kw Inverter 220v/380v VFD

    Additional information

    Output Voltage

    220V, 380V


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