5.5KW H110 Series FuLing Vector Inverter


  • 220V/380V 5.5KW FuLing Inverter / VFD H110 Series ( Vector Type 0-1000Hz)


 Product Package:

  • 1 PCS & 220V/380V 5.5KW FuLing Inverter / VFD H110 Series ( Vector Type 0-1000Hz)

Product Description

5.5KW H110 Series FuLing Vector Inverter (2)


Basic parameters:

  • Power : 5.5kw
  • Input Voltage : 220v/380v
  • Current : 23A / 13A
  • Output Voltage : 0~220v/380
  • Input Frequeny: 50/60Hz
  • Input Phase : 1Ph /3Ph  (220v single phase input)
  • Output Frequency : 0~1000Hz
  • Output Phase : 3PH
  • Control Way : V/F control; Vector control

Dimensional drawing of the Inverter:




  • One machine for multiple purposes: applicable to asynchronous motor, permanent magnet synchronous motor, single-phase motor.
  • High carrier wave: 16kHz maximum, more silent when the motor works.
  • Customization: according to industry customization, remove redundant functions, make the cost more reasonable and the quality more stable.
  • Integrated design: reduce the number of plates and flying wires, eliminate potential failure points to the greatest extent, and maximize the electrical and EMC performance.
  • Bus voltage control: overvoltage control ensures deceleration at the fastest speed, magnetic flux braking realizes rapid deceleration without braking resistance, and undervoltage control realizes instant stop function.
  • Adaptive vector control: vector performance, convenience of VF; Motor parameters are not sensitive, and self-learning is not required.
  • Independent air duct: no forced air flow through components to improve environmental adaptability.
  • Exquisite thermal design: compact volume, convenient installation.
  • Simple use: select the terminal source according to the required function to save the number and type of terminals.
  • Flexible function: flexible combination of setting value and command, easy to adapt to different applications.
  • Wide range vector control: the frequency range is 0~1000Hz, which is suitable for most motors and ensures high performance during high-speed operation.
  • Fast current control: high dynamic response speed (15mS), fast starting speed, small speed fluctuation.

5.5KW-H110-Series-FuLing-Vector-Inverter-3 5.5KW-H110-Series-FuLing-Vector-Inverter-5


Additional information

Output Voltage

220v, 380v


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