220v 75w water pump 220v 50Hz 3.5m 3500L/H

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  • 1 pcs –220v 75w water pump 220v 50Hz 3.5m 3500L/H

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  • 1 PCS 220v 75w water pump 220v 50Hz 3.5m 3500L/H

Product Description

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Basic parameters:

  • Power: 75W
  • Voltage: AC: 220V-240V
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Max Head: 3.5m
  • Maximum Flow: 3500L/H
  • Plug Cord Length: 1.5m
  • Outlet Size: 13/16/19mm
  • Dimensions: 135*79*120mm

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This product is used for pumping, and it can be widely used for various purposes.
  • Suitable for fish tank filter pump, skimming equipment power, aquarium landscaping, fountains, waterways, Waterfalls, etc.
  • Seafood holding tanks, aquarium circulating water supply and drainage.
  • Garden watering or cleaning equipment.
  • Sea water or acid and alkali liquid supply and emissions.


  •  This product is installed thermal protection, when the motor is overheating because of abnormal operation, the motor will automatically cut off the power.
  • The pump casing and all the parts which contact with the outside are using acid, alkali and salt-tolerant material. It can be use in salt used in the acid, alkali and salt environment.
  • This pump can be used as the amphibious pump.
  • This product uses a unique design of the motor and pump body structure, it has charateristics such as lower power consumption, longer life.
  • This product equipped with multiple connecting ways. It can connect with tubes of a variety of specifications in kinds of occasions.

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  • Before using the pump, please make sure the rated voltage marked on the nameplate and the voltage of actual use is consistent.
  • When installing, removing and cleaning the pump, you must unplug the power plug to ensure safety.
  • If the pump has been a serious collision, please check the pump, if broken, please stop using immediately.
  • Not intended to be moved when plugged in or in operation.
  • The supply cord can be replaced if the cord is damaged the appliance has to be scrapped.
  • Do not lift the pump by the power cord.
  • Please make sure the pump working in tlean water.
  • Do not pump heated liquids with a temperature higher than 35℃.

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