Industrial Cooler CW-3000 Water Chillier

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  • 1 pcs Industrial Cooler CW-3000 Water Chillier

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 Product Package:

  • 1 PCS Industrial Cooler CW-3000 Water Chillier

Product Description

CW-3000 DG110V TG220V 380v2

Basic parameters:

  • TYPE: CW-3000 DG110v TG110v
  • Voltage:AC 1P 110v / 220V
  • Frequency:50/60Hz
  • Current:0.45A(CW-3000TG) / 0.5A(CW-3000TK) / 0.90A(CW-3000DG) / 1.00A(CW-3000DK)
  • Machine power:0.10KW(CW-3000TG) / 0.11KW(CW-3000TK) / 0.10KW(CW-3000DG) / 0.11KW(CW-3000DK)
  • Cradiating Capacity:50W/℃

CW-3000 DG110V TG220V 380v3


  • To ensure good heat dissipating, please open the lid to clean the dirt after the cooler used in long-term.
  • Users in cold area should use noncorrosive antifreeze fluid.

CW-3000 DG110V TG220V 380v4

  • Ensure that there is good contact between the chiller plug and power socket. Furthermore, ensure that the chiller is correctly earthed!
  • The normal working voltage of the standard model is 210V-240V (110MODEL IS 100V-120V). Ensure that the working voltage of the chiller is stable and normal
  • Use the model of 50Hz or 60Hz according to the actual situation. Improper power frequency matching will damage the chiller!
  • To protect the water pump, it is strictly forbidden to run the chiller without water!
  • The air outlet of the chiller must be kept at least 50cm from the obstacle and the air inlet must be kept at least 30cm from the obstacle!
  • The cooling water must be drained if the cooler is out of use for long time or before being transported.
  • To protect laser tubes, the radiator fan of cooler will suspend to work when water temperature is lower (about 10℃), and it will restart to run when water temperature rises to higher (about 20℃).
  • This product is industrial equipment and must only be carried out by suitably qualified personnel.

CW-3000 DG110V TG220V 380v5

Flow alarm output ports and the wiring diagram:

In order to guarantee the equipment will not be damaged while cooling water circulation is out of control, CW-3000 series water cooler possess a low folw alarm protection.

CW-3000 DG110V TG220V 380v6

Note: The folw alarm is connected to the normally open relay and normally closed relay contacts, requiring operating current less than 5A, working voltage less than 300V.

CW-3000 DG110V TG220V 380v7

  • Open the package to check if the chiller is intact and all the necessary accessories are completed.
  • Unscrew the water supply inlet and add cooling water (do not spill out the water).
  • Connect the water inlet and outlet pipes well according to system conditions.
  • Connect the power cord and turn on the power switch.
  • Check water level in the water tank, it should be 80-150mm from the surface of water the injection port.

CW-3000 DG110V TG220V 380v8 CW-3000 DG110V TG220V 380v9


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