3.5kw ER20 Air Cooled Spindle Motor

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  • 220v 3.5kw ER20 air cooled spindle motor 

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  • 220v 3.5kw ER20 air cooled spindle motor 

3.5kw Air cooled Spindle



3.5kw ER20 Air Cooled Spindle Motor

Basic parameters of 3.5kw Air cooled Spindle:

  • Size: 308x104x135mm
  • Speed Ways: Through 3-phase output inverter and adjust the inverter frequency to change the spindle speed.
  • Cooling: Air cooling
  • Power Interface: Junction box U1,V1,W1 connect to inverter U,V,W
  • Power: 3.5kw (1HP=0.735w)
  • Voltage: 220v (If you need 380v spindle ,please leave message to us,thank you)
  • Current: 15A
  • Frequency: 0-300Hz
  • Speed: 0-18000rpm
  • Runout Off: Less than 0.01mm
  • Bearing type: 2x7005C P4 DB ( Ceramic ball bearings ) & 2x7203C P4 DT
  • Collet: ER20
  • Clip Knifediameter: 1mm,2mm,3mm,3.175mm(1/8),4mm,5mm,6mm,6.35mm(1/4),7mm, 8mm,9mm,10mm,11mm,12mm,12.7mm(1/2),13mm
  • Grease Lubrication

Main Application of 3.5kw Air cooled Spindle:

Engrave for wood, bamboo, normal PCB, PVC, PMMA, plastic, duotone board(ABS)and etc non-metal, also can engrave on gold, silver, copper, aluminium, Pb etc soft metal surface working.

3.5kw ER20 Air Cooled Spindle Motor




  • Bearing is P4 grade,2×7005C P4 DB & 2x7203C P4 DT .The front-end bearings are ceramic ball bearings,increase the spindle life.
  • 3.5kw ER20 air cooled spindle, the collet nut range from 1mm to 13mm.
  • High precision,runout off less than 0.01mm.Coaxial degree less than 0.0025mm
  • Shipment within four days,there is no fake tracking number,make sure that you receive time.
  • We are the spindle manufacturer,we offer only best quality and best price to you.

Difference between ceramic ball bearings and Steel ball:

3.5kw ER20 Air Cooled Spindle Motor


  • Our Ceramic ball bearings spindle use 4 pcs ceramic ball bearings.
  • Ceramic ball bearings are resistant to high temperatures and low heat, usually 3-5 degrees lower than steel ball bearings during using.
  • Ceramic ball bearings have low friction, low noise and long service life.
  • If you want to use the spindle for aluminium, hard wood, then ceramic ball bearings better than steel ball bearings.





3.5kw ER20 Air Cooled Spindle Motor 3.5kw ER20 Air Cooled Spindle Motor 3.5kw ER20 Air Cooled Spindle Motor

Structural features:

  • High-speed electric main bearings used in all C class high-speed angular contact ball bearings, axial pre-load feature, improved support stiffness and live spindle grinding accuracy under high-speed rotation.
  • Spindle speed according to different uses can be high-speed grease and oil mist lubrication two ways.
  • Spindle speed rotation temperature rise caused by the use of coolant circulation system eliminated.

Preparations before use:

  • Spindle working environment temperature is usually -10 ~ 40.
  • Before installing the first electric spindle axis head turned by hand, should feel flexible, non-blocking phenomenon.

Use Correctly:

  • 3.5kw Air cooled Spindle in the preservation and transportation, high-speed grease inside the bearing state will change, customers should be running at low speed for 30 minutes. 3000 rpm and then follow the poor increase, run 20 minutes each. Spindle and the inverter should be working together. The inverter’s specifications and parameter settings need match spindles parameter. (Because of high-speed grease inside the bearing state will change, when you get the spindle, maybe the noise sounds not normal. Please run it 30 minutes or even more, the noise will be normal.)
  • Connect the inverter spindle, three-phase inverter power cord should be soldered in the plug 1 (U), 2 (V), 3 (W) feet, 4 feet for the ground. After the power is turned on, to observe whether the spindle rotation axis indicates the direction consistent. If inconsistency should be immediately shut down, replace the inverter and spindle connected two wires of three-phase power supply.
  • During normal operation, 3.5kw Spindle Motor often encounters the phenomenon of heat, always check whether the air-cooled spindle housing and duct clogging dust. If clogging dust, to promptly clean up. If you do not clean up, it is easily to make the spindle burned.
  • Every day before using the spindle must be running at low speed for 15-20 minutes. Clamping the cutters to spindle, collet nuts, collets, cutters must be clean enough. Shank inserted into the collet must be greater than 15mm.


3.5kw ER20 Air Cooled Spindle Motor 3.5kw ER20 Air Cooled Spindle Motor

Care and Maintenance:

  • Spindle frequency power supply connected rated voltage, it should be consistent with the technical parameters of the spindle; speed can be adjusted by changing the frequency, and voltage is proportional to the change.
  • Spindle being not used; spindle appearance should be oiled. Plus, the shaft protection device, put in a dry place.
  • To replace the spindle bearings, certain professional and technical personnel should be replaced. Supporting special tools, bearings should be replaced fully cleaned without removing the stator coils.


Water-cooled spindle and Air-cooled Spindle differences:

  • Cooling in different ways: water-cooled spindle motor uses water cycle to cool the heat generated after the high-speed rotating spindle, whereas air cooled spindle motor uses fan-cooled approach for cooling.
  • Noise: Water-cooled spindle motor is basically no noise, but the air-cooled spindle motor is very loud.
  • Life aspects: Water-cooled spindle motor pay attention to maintenance, frequently changes the water or the use of industrial water coolers, air-cooled spindle fan mainly by the wind blowing the heat transferred to the heat sink, so as to achieve the cooling effect.
  • If you need use for metal, hard wood, granite, stone, you can choose metal spindle, then metal spindle is much better than wood spindle.


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