Leadshine DMA860H Stepper Motor Driver 7.2A 18-80v

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  • 1 PCS x Leadshine DMA860H Stepper Motor Driver 7.2A 18-80v

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1 PCS x Leadshine DMA860H Stepper Motor Driver 7.2A 18-80v

Product Description

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The DMA860H is a fully digital stepper drive developed with advanced DSP control algorithm based on the latest motion control technology. It has achieved a unique level of system smoothness, providing optimal torque and nulls mid-range instability. Its motor auto-identification and parameter auto-configuration feature offers quick setup to optimal modes with different motors. Compared with traditional analog drives, DMA860H can drive a stepper motor at much lower noise, lower heating, and smoother movement. Its unique features make DMA860H an ideal choice for high requirement applications.


  • Anti-Resonance provides optimal torque and nulls mid-range instability
  • Motor auto-identification and parameter auto-configuration technology, offers optimal responses with different motors
  • Multi-Stepping allows a low-resolution step input to produce a higher microstep output, thus offers smoother motor movement
  • 15 selectable microstep resolutions including 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400, 12800, 25600, 1000, 2000, 4000, 5000, 8000, 10000, 20000, 25000
  • Soft start with no “jump” when powered on
  • Input voltage 18-50VDC
  • 8 selectable peak current including 1.00A, 1.46A, 1.91A, 2.37A, 2.84A, 3.31A, 3.76A, 4.20A
  • Pulse input frequency up to 200 KHz, TTL compatible and optically isolated input
  • Automatic idle-current reduction
  • Suitable for 2-phase and 4-phase motors
  • Support PUL/DIR and CW/CCW modes
  • Over-voltage, over-current protections


Suitable for a wide range of stepping motors, from NEMA size 23 to 42. It can be used in various kinds of machines, such as X-Y tables, engraving machines, labeling machines, laser cutters, pick-place devices, and so on. Particularly adapt to the applications desired with low noise, low heating, high speed and high precision.


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Elimination of heat

  • Driver’s reliable working temperature should be <70℃ (158 ℉), and motor working temperature should be <80℃ (176℉).
  •  It is recommended to use automatic idle-current mode, namely current automatically reduce to 50% when motor stops, so as to reduce driver heating and motor heating.
  •  It is recommended to mount the driver vertically to maximize heat sink area. Use forced cooling method to cool the system if necessary.

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There are two jumpers J1 and J2 inside the DMA860H specifically for selecting active pulse edge and control signal mode, as shown in figure

Default setting is PUL/DIR mode and upward-rising edge active. (Note: J3 inside the driver is used to reverse the default rotation direction.)

Original Leadshine DMA860H06


The DMA860H can accept differential and single-ended inputs (including open-collector and PNP output). The DMA860H has 3 optically isolated logic inputs which are located on connector P1 to accept line driver control signals. These inputs are isolated to minimize or eliminate electrical noises coupled onto the drive control signals. Recommend use line driver control signals to increase noise immunity of the driver in interference environments. In the following figures, connections to open-collector and PNP signals are illustrated.

Original Leadshine DMA860H07The DMA860H can match medium and small size stepping motors (from NEMA frame size 17 to 34) made by Leadshine or other motor manufactures around the world. To achieve good driving performances, it is important to select supply voltage and output current properly. Generally speaking, supply voltage determines the high-speed performance of the motor, while output current determines the output torque of the driven motor (particularly at lower speed). Higher supply voltage will allow higher motor speed to be achieved, at the price of more noise and heating. If the motion speed requirement is low, it’s better to use lower supply voltage to decrease noise, heating and improve reliability.

Original Leadshine DMA860H08

Notes: Due to motor inductance, the actual current in the coil may be smaller than the dynamic current setting, particularly under high-speed condition.
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