Nema 34 MA860H Stepper Motor Driver

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  • 1 PCS x Nema 34 MA860H Stepper Motor Driver

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 Product Package:

1 PCS x MA860H Stepper Motor Driver

Product Description

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  • Current: 2.8-7.8a optional (mainly peak value) 
  • Subdividing: 2-256 subdividing optional (that is, subdividing the step angle)
  • Voltage: AC 18-60v (DC 24-90v without plus or minus)


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Connection mode


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The pulse direction voltage of this driver is 5V by default. If the pulse voltage of the upper computer (control terminal) is 24V or 12V, it is necessary to transmit resistance to limit current and reduce voltage. We have 3 resistances with the goods, one in series at 24V (positive end of common positive string / negative end of common negative string), and two in series at 12V (the two ends of the resistance are in parallel state, the heads of both ends are in parallel, and the feet are in parallel).

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Current and subdivision:

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Attention: The current shall be adjusted according to peak value.

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Current regulation of DIP switch sw1-3

Subdivision of dial switch sw5-8 (how many pulse motors rotate one circle)

SW4 is recommended to be set to off half current state.

Remember not to debug with electricity!!!

MA860H Wiring diagram

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ENA is the enable off-line signal, the signal given to the motor is not working, applicable to the need to fine tune the motor shaft position but not convenient for power-off occasions!


  • Status light indication
    Run: the green light is on when it works normally.
    Err: red light, light on in case of fault, motor inter phase short circuit, over-voltage protection and under voltage protection.
  • Troubleshooting (see the table below for details)

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MA860H type subdivision type two-phase hybrid stepping motor driver, using AC18-80V or DC24 ~ 110V power supply, suitable for two-phase hybrid stepping motor drive current is less than 8.0A . This drive AC servo drive current loop subdivision control, small motor torque ripple, smooth running at low speed, low vibration and noise. When speed is relatively high torque output, high positioning accuracy. Widely used in the engraving machine, CNC machine tools, packaging machinery, transmission equipment and other requirements on high-resolution devices

Feature and advantage:

  • 1, the average current control, two-phase sinusoidal output current drive.
  • 2, DC 24 ~ 110V power supply, 18V ~ 80V AC power supply is recommended.
  • 3, the output current of 2.0A ~ 7.8A.
  • 4, 4,6,8 line drive two-phase, four-phase stepper motor 42,57,86,110.
  • 5, anti-interference ability, high-frequency, high stability.
  • 6, optically isolated signal input / output.
  • 7, the input signal is a double-pulse mode.
  • 8, overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, phase short circuit protection.
  • 9, fourteen file segmentation and automatic half current function.
  • 10, eight file output phase current setting.
  • 11, with the offline command input terminals.
  • 12, the torque of the motor with its speed, but not to the number of steps per motor revolution
  • 13, high starting speed, high-speed torque.

The control signal is defined:

  • PUL +: positive pulse signal input terminal
  • PUL-: pulse signal input negative end
  • DIR +: stepping direction signal input positive terminal
  • DIR-: stepping direction signal input negative end
  • ENA +: Offline enable reset signal input positive terminal
  • ENA-: Offline enable reset signal input negative end
Offline enable signal is reset when a valid drive failure, prohibit any valid pulse, the output power of the drive element is closed, no motor holding torque.
The control signal connection:

PC control signals can be active high, you can also active low. When the high-effective, all the negative terminal of the control signal as the signal ground together, when active low, all the positive terminal of the control signal as the signal linked to the common terminal.


  • VCC is at 5V, R shorted;
  • VCC is 12V, R for 1K, more than 1 / 8W resistors;
  • VCC is 24V, R is 2K, greater than 1 / 8W resistor;

       R must be connected to the controller signals the end.

  • When the controller to drive the direction of the pulse voltage of 5V, the controller directly connected to the drive, no string resistance.
  • Direction pulse voltage of 12V, the controller and the drive PUL + DIR + 1K resistor string end needs.
  • Direction pulse voltage is 24V, the controller and the drive PUL + DIR + 2K resistor string end needs.
Function Select (implemented using DIP switches on the drive panel)
1. Set the number of steps per motor revolution:
  • The per revolution steps for motor can be set to 400,800,1000,1600,2000,3200,5000,6400,10000,12800,25000,25600,50000,51200 steps by Driver.
  • The user can adjust the DIP switch SW5, SW6, SW7, SW8 on the front panel of Driver to set up the  number of steps . (see Table 1):

NEMA34 Stepper Motor Driver (12) copy

2. The control mode selection
  • DIP switch SW4 bit can be set to two control modes:
  • When set to “OFF”, in order to have a semi-streaming capability.
  • When set to “ON” when, for no semi-streaming capabilities.
3. Set the output phase current
  • In order to drive different torque stepper motors, users can DIP switch SW1 on the drive panel, SW2, SW3 bit to set the drive’s output phase current (RMS) in amperes, each switch position corresponding to the output current, different models drive different output current values corresponding to. (See Table 2).

NEMA34 Stepper Motor Driver (1) copy

4. semi-streaming capabilities

Semi-flow function means that no step pulse 500ms, the driver output current is automatically reduced to 70% of rated output current, to prevent motor heat.

Power Interfaces:

  • VAC: Connect the drive power
           AC and DC common.
  • A + A- B + B-: connect the two-phase hybrid stepper motors
    Connect the drive and the two-phase hybrid stepper motors using four-wire system, the motor windings in parallel and series connection, and connection method, high-speed performance, but the drive current is large (1.73 times the motor winding current), When the drive is connected in series with the motor winding current is equal to the current.

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